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NH Room File Cabinet Index

Column Headings:

  • Drawer: gives the drawer location for each file folder.
    1-L (Littleton drawer), 2-NH (NH drawer), 3-TR (Towns and Regions), 4-LPF (Local People and Families).
  • File Folder Title: contains a short label for the file folder, as found on the folder, and in the order in the drawer.
  • Nature of Media: contains information regarding the nature of the item: “news item”, “magazine item”, “Photo”,”map”, etc.
  • Details and Dates: contains additional information about the item, if any.
  • X-Ref Info: contains cross-reference information, which are needed for many entries.
  • Search Terms: contains any critical search words or terms if any.
DrawerFile Folder TitleNature or MediaDetails and DatesX-Ref InfoSearch Terms
1-LIndex NH Room File DrawersTyped pages
1-LIndex for Historical New HampshirePamphlets - indicies onlyBegins April 1945 ends 2002.
L-refiledGeneology ResearchPamphlets and articlesNot Littleton specific. RELOCATED TO DRAWER 4Geneology, anchestry, family research
1-LBeal House, Littletonnews articlesCopies of obits
1-LBridges and Ferriesnews articles, town reports, photosYes. To Be Noted.
1-LBuildingsPhotos, news articles, adverts.Mostly from a single (unknown) source.
1-LBuswellville and Moretyped pagesMinor info on local historySee Stove Pipe City, Underground RailroadBuswell, Buswellville, Pest House, Stove Pipe City, Underground Railroad,
1-LCemeteriesReprints, maps, articlesHist. Soc. Newsletter, Jackson's History of Littleton excerpts.
1-L1840 Censuscopied 1840 tally sheetsNames of Littleton residents.
1-LCharter - LittletonCopied from unknown sourceChiswick, Apthorp, DaltonChiswick, Apthorp, Dalton
1-LChurchesPamphlet, typed historyEpiscopal, R.C. Sisters.Congregational Church
1-LCommunity HousePamphlets including color photosBy Ron Bolt, 30/12/2006, rev. 10/11/2011Eastman, Graywood Homestead, Heald
1-LCongregational ChurchPamphlets, copies1803-1840; Bicentennial Moments; United Church of Christ
1-LCourier, Millenium EditionNewspaperDec 29, 1999.
1-LFootbridgecopy newspaper article, copy photoCourier, Oct 2, 1902Suspension, Saranac Glove, Ken Curran
1-LGlad Day (Pollyanna Event)pamphlets, copy news articles, proclamationPollyanna scupturePorter, writing contest, Pollyanna, sculpture, statue,
1-LGristmillpamphlet, copy newspaper articleWhite Mt. Republic, 2/25/1882Mann, File, Hodge, Eastman, Gates
1-LHigh School Firecopy newspaper article, copy photosCourier, Apr 8, 1954High School, fire, 1954
1-LHighland Croftcopy photosAmmonoosuc TimesHighland Croft
1-LHistory by Mildred Lakewaycopy newspaper articleCourier, Oct 11, 1973 to Apr 11, 1974Lakeway, history, 1973, 1974
1-LHistory (LTN)copy newspaper articles, pamphlets, map, ballotCourier, other sourceshistory,1953, 1957, 1963,1981, 1989, 1995, school, railroad, deeds
1-LHospitalannual reports, pamphletreports 1962, 1994, 1996hospital, 1962 1994, 1996, 2007, trail map
1-LHorse Cemeterycopy magazine articleFrom Coos Magazine, Apr 1998horse, cemetery, 1919, 1920, Wallace
1-LHotels - Littletoncopy newspaper article, photosWeirs Times,Oak Hill House, Northern Hotel, George Farr, 1895
1-LIndustrypamphets, articlesseveral C of C listingsNew Magoons, Bilodeau's Bakery, Saranac, Tannery
1-LKilburn Stereoscopesarticles, pamphlets, checklistWeirs Times, Yankee, American HistoryKilburn Brothers, Yankee Magazine, stereoscopic, checklist
1-LKelley Museumcopy articleKelley, Museum
1-LLittleton Library Historiescopy articlesdetailed history of Littleton LibrarySee adjacent folders.Library, history
1-LLittleton Library 1878 - 1899copy articlesdetailed histories, various sourcesSee adjacent folders.Library, history
1-LLittlton P. Librarycopy articles, architechs' plans, photos, postcardsdetailed histories, various sources, reportsSee adjacent folders.library, history
1-LLittleton Library 1900 -copy articles, photos, postcardsdetailed histories, various sources, reportsSee adjacent folders.Library, history
1-LLittleton Village Librarycopy articlesdetailed histories, various sourcesSee adjacent folders.Library, history, 1870, 1873, 1874, 1875, 1876, 1877, 1880, 1892
1-LLittleton Stamp and Coincopy article, pamphletshistoryStamp, coin, Sundman, NH Quarter
1-LLittleton Toll Bridgecopy articles, photoshistorySee "Pattenville" folderMoore Dam, Pattenville, toll bridge, Upper Waterford, Connecticut River
1-LLittleton Town Governmentcopy articles, letters, pamphletshistoryzoning, charter, traffic code, parking, annual reports
1-LMain Streetcopy articles, pamphlets, postcardsdevelopment relatedRiverfront. Mills,Main Street, Tannery, grist mill
1-LMilitaryphoto, pamphlets, copy articleshistoryWorld War, casualties, military, Civil War, Kimball, Medal of Honor
1-LMonumentsCopy articlesHistorySoldiers' Monument
1-LOpera Housecopy photos, articlesHistoryWhite Mountain Players, Opera House
1-LOrphan TrainCopy articlehistoryLittle Wanderers, orphans, train
1-LParker Mountaincopy articles, photos,historyIra Parker,Juluis Clevel, Parker Mountain, Saranac Glove
1-LPattenvillecopy articleshistorySee "Littleton Toll Bridge" folderEastman, Graywood Homestead, Heald
1-LPattenville & [Mulliken Pond]copy articles, photoshistoryMulliken Pond, Rankin Mills, Mulligan Pond, fishing
1-LPest Housecopy articles, photoshistoryPest house
1-LPine Hill report, historical exerptshistoryPine Hill, reservoir, ski jump, WLTN,Tea Pot Rock, Two Sock Junction
1-LPollyanna Statueletters, copy photos, photos,license,copy articleshistorySee "Glad Day" folderPollyanna, statue, Emile Birch
1-LPopulation - Littletonstatisticshistory, demographicpopulation
1-LPorfidos Marketarticles, pamphlets, checklisthistory, businessPorfidos, market, deli
1-LPost Officecopy of articleshistoryFederal Building, Post Office, Court
1-LRemich Park (Hillside Park)copy articleshistoryHillside Park, Remich Park, The Dells, Kilburn Crags
1-LRepresentatives in ConcordList, pamphlethistoryrepresentatives, women
1-LSchools of Littletoncopy articles, lists, pamphlet, photohistoryKilburn school, St. Mary's, The White Mountain School
1-LStovepipe Citycopy of notehistorySee "Buswellville and More" folderStovepipe City, Apthorp, Alderbrook,
1-LTown Plan - 1979booklet with plans, mapsdevelopment relatedLittleton, downtown, improvement, traffic, goals
1-LWallace's Circulating Librarycopy articleshistoryWallace, Library, 1880, 1881, 1882
1-LLittleton Water & Lightcopy articles, mapflood mapLegislative acts, water, light, flood
1-LWinter Carnivalspamphletshistorycarnivals, winter, 1950, 1951, ads
L-refiledWillowdalecopy articles, copy photoshistorySee "Stovepipe City" ,"Buswellville & More" folderWillowdale, Paddleford, South Littleton, historical marker
L- refiledYMCA Reading Roomcopy articleshistoryYMCA, library, reading
2-NHAeronauticscopy of articlehistoryYankee Magazine, Gee Bee, aviation
2-NHAlderbrookcopy of article, copy photohistorySee folders in Drawer 1Blanchard Mill, accident
2-NHAmerican Revolutioncopy of articlehistorySee inside folder.American Revolution, DAR
2-NHArcheology - NHcopy of articles, Map, pamphletsarcheology, historySee inside folder.Middle Archaic, Archaic Sequence, Neville Site, clay pipes, Smyth Site, Seabrook Marsh Site, Indian Epidemic, Canaan Bridge Site
2-NHAutomobilescopy of articleshistoryAutomobile, George Flanders, N. F. Page, Model A, restoration
2-NHBells - HistoricpamphlethistoryBells,
2-NHBungycopy of articleshistoryBungay, Bunga, Bungy, Bungy Jar, Jar, Easton
2-NHCentennials, Bicentennials & Tricentennialscopy of articles, pamphlets, programshistorycentennials, NH, US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, almanac
2-NHCharities - NHpamphlet, listinglisting of charitiescharities
2-NHCivil Warcopy of articles, pamphletshistorySee inside folder.Civil War, Ken Burns, veterans records
2-NHCivilian Conservation Corpscopy of articles, pamphletshistorySee inside folder.Conservation, CCC, Tree Army
2-NHClubs & Organizationscopy of articleshistoryRed Men, Misha Mokwa,Metallak Council, Pocahontas
2-NHConcord CoachesMagazinehistoryConcord, coach, Abbot-Downing, wagon, John Burgum, surviving coaches
2-NHConstitution - NHPamphletshistory, governmentConstitution, constitutional, conventions
2-NHCorbin Parkcopy of articlehistoryCorbin, Austin Corbin, Slatin Beeman, Sidney Stockwell, animals, animal park, Blue Mountain Forest
2-NHCovered Bridgescopy of articles, pamphletshistorycovered bridge, Littleton, Lisbon, Bath, Apthorp, Haverhill, Zehnder's Holz-Brucke
2-NHDowsingcopy of articlehistory, cultureSee inside folder.Dowsing, Danville, water witch
2-NHFilmsX referencecultureSee inside folder.Film, "Where The Rivers Flow North", Jay Craven
2-NHGeology - NH 1copy of pamphlets, bibliography, indexgeology, broad infogeology, Grafton County, mineral, galacial till
2-NHGeology - NH 2maps, pamphletgeology, geographyFranconia quadrangle, bedrock aquifer, topographic, maps
2-NHGhost Storiescopy of articlehistorySee inside folder.Ghosts, Coos, Stark, Whitefield, Stewartstown, wraith, admiral
2-NHGold Miningcopy of articles,history, geographySee inside, panning, mining, Dodge, Lyman, Ammonoosuc, Foley
2-NHHistorical Markers - NHpamphlethistorySee "History - NH #2"Markers, history
2-NHHotelscopy of articles, pamphlethistorySee inside, Fabyan, Mount Washington, Thayers, Glen, taverns, inns, Balsams, Rabbit Hill
2-NHHistory - NH #1copy of articles, pamphletshistoryhistory
2-NHHistory - NH #2pamphlets, copy of articleshistorySee "Historical Markers - NH"history, Stonehenge, historical markers
2-NHIndians of NHcopy of articles, pamphlets, maps, monographhistory, cultureSee inside folder.Indian, arrowheads, trails, Abenakis, Joseph Laurent
2-NHKu Klux Klan -- NHcopy of articlehistory, cultureKu Klux Klan
2-NHLoggingX referencehistorySee inside folder.logging
2-NHLost Placescopies of articles, mapshistorysee Inside folder,Johnson,Wildwood, Whitcherville, Mount Cilley, Livermore, Zealand, Bunga, Pattenville, Peeling, Easton Mormons, Carrigain
2-NHMaps -- NHcopies of mapsmaps of Littleton and various townsmaps, Littleton
2-NHMountain Disasters & Rescuescopies of articleshistorysee inside folderMt. Washington, Katahdin, Lafayette, avalanche, rescue, Kevin Barker, Lizzie Bourne, Willey Slide, Hollingworth
2-NHNH Symbolscopies of articles, pamphletshistoryOld Man, flag, song,flower, bird, tree, witness trees, place names
2-NHNH "fun facts"copy of articlecultureNH facts
2-NHNorth Country Historical Projectscriptshistory, culturescript, Lost Places, tourism, Gilded Age, Logs: Groveton Mills
2-NHNotch Namescopy of articlegeography, historynotch, Crawford, Kinsman, Franconia, Dixville, Pinkham, Evans
2-NHOrthodox Jewscopies of articlesculture, historyJews, Chasids, Chasidic, Hasidic, Hasidism, Bethlehem, Orthodox
2-NHPolitics -- NHpamphletspoliticsCouncil, John Sinclair, Fogg-Chandler, Controversy, Great Black Republican Bear Fight, primary
2-NHPOW Campcopy of articlehistorySee inside folderPOW, Stark, camp
2-NHProtected Plants -- NHpamphletsenvironmentendangered, vulnerable, threatened, protected plants
2-NHRailroads -- NHpamphlets, copies of bookletshistorySee inside folderBerlin Street Railway, railroads, White Mountain Railroad,
2-NHRogers Rangerscopy of pamphlets,historySee inside folderRogers Rangers, indians, French Indian War, St. Francis,
2-NHSlavery in NHcopy of articlehistorySee "Underground Railroad"Slavery, Blacks, Portsmouth, Thomas Steel, Samuel Woodward
2-NHSled Dogscopy of articlehistorysled, dogs, Chinooks, Perry Green Kennel
2-NHSnow Machinescopy of articleshistorysnowmachine, snowmobile, Lombard, lag tracks, motor toboggan, Carl Eliarson, Ski-Doo, Paul Doherty, Virgil White
2-NHState House - NHpamphletshistoryState House, Concord, Governor John King, Governor Robert O. Blood
2-NHTrails -- NHbookletrecreationtrails, horse, hiking, snowmobiling, bicycling, skiing, land management, tourism
2-NH10th Mountain Divisioncopy of articlehistorySee inside folderski troopers, mountaineers, Tenth Mountain Division
2-NHUFOScopies of articleshistoryBarney Hill, Betty Hill, UFO, Betty Andreasson, Ray Fowler, McCarthy's Pond, abduction, aliens
2-NHUnderground Railroadcopies of articles, pamphletshistorySlavery, Blacks, abolition, Seminole
2-NHWeather/Natural Disasterscopies of articles, booklet,historyfloods, winds, earthquakes, weather, hurricanes, tornadoes
2-NHWhite Mountainscopies of articles, pamphlets, maps,geologyunusual, rock, formations, White Mountains, Dog Rock, Turtle Rock, Elephant, Imp, Cannon, waterfalls, Washington
2-NHWhite Mountain Artcopies of articles, pamphletshistory, artsSee inside folderlandscapes, artists, Thomas Cole, scenery, Edward Hill
2-NHWorld Monetary Conferencecopies of articleshistorySee "Bretton Woods" Drawer 3Bretton Woods, UN Monetary Conference, IMF, IBRD, World Bank, Mount Washington Hotel,
3-TRBathcopy of articleUnion Leader, date unkSee Inside FolderMercy Harriman's Garden
3-TRBethlehemcopy of articles, pamphlethistoryhistory, electrification, Y2K, hay fever, Mt. Agassiz, monorail, Kilkenny, Hassidim, Pinetree Power,
3-TRBretton Woods article (undated) (author unknown)history, geography, geology, topography,See "World Monetary Conference" Drawer 2history, geography, geology, topography, weather, Mt. Washington, birds,
3-TRClaremontbooklethistory, Educationeducation, law suit,
3-TRColebrook[empty]See inside folderColebrook, Blessing, motorcycles, killing
3-TRConcordbookletshistoryConcord, Coit House, Orphans' Home,
3-TRConnecticut R. --Moore Damcopy of articles, pamphlets, reportshistoryMoore reservoir, dam, New England Power,Comerford Station, monster, fifteen mile falls,
3-TRConnecticut Rivercopy of articles, booklets, pamphlets,maphistoryPattenville Draw, Ken Curran, I-93, George McAvoy, Edward Hill,recreation, corridor management plan, Atlantic salmon
3-TRCrawford Notchcopy of articles, newsletter,pamphlethistorySee Inside FolderEnglish Jack, recluse, Willey, slide, station,hermit,engravings, woodcuts, notch, gate
3-TRDaltoncopy of articlehistoryLost places
3-TRFranconia Iron Workscopy of reports, chronologyhistorySee "Franconia" folderiron, works, foundry, Upper Works, Lower Works, axe murder, Artemus Knight, chimney, Franconia,furnace,
3-TRFranconia - Old Man of the Mountainscopy of articles, pamphletshistoryOld Man, profile, stone face,
3-TRFranconiacopy of articles, index, map, programhistorySee Inside Folder, Franconia Iron Workshistory, Gale River Settlement, Samuel Mills, axe murder, hanging, bear hunt, Moses Dow, Robert Frost,Profile House, Iron Foundry Company, Village Store,
3-TRFranconia Notchcopies of articles, pamphlets,geology, historyFlume, Old Woman, Notch, Old Man, Society, Protection, Forests, Profile House, I-93
3-TRGale River Settlementcopy of article, sketchhistorySee Franconia Notch folderGale, settlement, John Sinclair, Scannell murder,
3-TRGrafton Countypamphletsgovernmentgovernment, county,
3-TRGrovetoncopy of articlehistorylogging
3-TRIndian Stream Republiccopies of articles, pamphlets,historySee "Pittsburg" foldersmuggling, King Philip, border dispute, Webster-Ashburton, Hall Stream, Masters thesis,
3-TRIsle of ShoalspamphlethistoryPiscataqua, Gosport, Appledore, Star Island, Smuttynose
3-TRJeffersoncopies of articleshistoryarson, fire, Lance Lalumiere, Lawrence Coulter
3-TRKancamagus Highwaycopies of articlesgeographyscenic byway,
3-TRLancastercopies of articles, pamphlets,historySee Inside FolderSketchbook, Mt. Washingon, Franklin Leavitt, Martin, Historical Society, periodical, Lost Nation
3-TRLandaffcopies of articleshistorySee lyman, Lisbon foldersNate Kidder, Cooley Hills, Kidder's Kingdom, Bunga Road,Lyman,
3-TRLisboncopies of articleshistorySee Lyman, Landaff foldersOld Trading Post, library,Paul Rothenburger, pearls, Pearl Lake, Gunthwaite, Cobleigh, tavern
3-TRLymancopies of articleshistorySee Lisbon, Landaff foldersTinkerville,witch, witchcraft trial
3-TRMt. Washington -- 1copies of articles, pamphlets,historySee "Mt. Washington -- 2" folderCog Railway, Great Carbuncle, Great Stone Face, Observatory, record, wind, hotel, Bretton Woods
3-TRMt. Washington --2copies of articles, pamphlets,historySee "Mt.Washington --1" folderCog Railway, Auto Road, Sherman Adams, weather observatory, Bretton Woods, Lizzie Bourne, death, avalanche, alpine garden, hill climb, plane
3-TRPeterborough, NHpamphletshistorytown library, MacDowell Colony,
3-TRPittsburgbooklet (anecdotes)anecdotesSee"Indian Stream Republic" folderIndian Stream
3-TRPortsmouth, NHpamphletshistoryNHANG, Air National Guard, Amoskeag, cotton, wool, mills, tricentenary
3-TRSt. Johnsbury, VTarticle, pamphlethistory, cultureFairbanks, Museum, Planatarium, Athenaeum, academy, maple, scales, hemp
3-TRStark POW Campcopy of articlehistoryGerman POW camp, escapes, Stark
3-TRSugar Hillcopies of articles, pamphlets,historyAldrich, Georgeville, Sunset Hill House, Polly's, Millerites, Bette Davis, Potter Stewart
3-TRVermontcopies of articles, pamphlets,history, cultureSee "Movies" Drawer 2Hildene, Fred Tuttle, filmmaking, Jay Craven, John O'Brien,
3-TRVermont - Waterfordcollection of articleshistory, culturehousekeeping, Library, town officers, post office, town government, graves, sites
3-TRWhitefieldcopies of articleshistorySee Inside folderagriculture, mills, Mountain View, Spaulding Inn, Louis Hazen, Brown Lumber, Burns Pond, Montgomery Lake,
3-TRWoodsvillecopy of articlehistoryTimothy Bedel, Haverhill, Newbury, Olivarian, Bath
4-LPFGeneology Research Methodologycopy of articles, bookletsguidesgeneology, family search, anchestry,
4-LPFAgassiz, Louiscopy of article, chapter, booklethistory, biographical factsAgassiz, glaciers, moraines, Bethlehem
4-LPFAllin, G. G.copy of articleshistory, cultureAllin, rock performer, punk, overdose, Jabbers, Murder Junkies
4-LPFBeattie, Wiliamcopy of articleshistoryBeattie, doctor, auto accident
4-LPFBellows, Wiliamcopy of articleshistoryBellows, funeral,
4-LPFBentley, Snowflakereference onlySee inside folderBentley
4-LPFBooth, Keithreference onlySee inside folderBooth
4-LPFBrockway, Sylviacopy of emails, death cert,history, cultureBrockway, author,
4-LPFBronson, Daisycopy of articleshistoryBronson, teacher,
4-LPFCather, Willacopy of articlehistoryCather,author
4-LPFDavis, Bettereference onlySee inside folderDavis
4-LPFDixon, Alcopy of articleshistoryDixon, town manager,
4-LPFDodge, Joecopy of articleshistory, cultureDodge, Porky Gulch, Pinkham Notch, AMC, huts, bear
4-LPFDrega, Carlcopy of articleshistory, Aug 19, 1997Drega, Scott Phillips, Vicki Bunnell, Leslie Lord, Dennis Joos, Colebrook, murder
4-LPFDuston, Hannahcopy of articleshistoryDuston, Dustin, Haverhill, Indian attacks
4-LPFEnglish, Jackcopy of articleshistoryHermit, Crawford Notch, James Mitchell, John Viles, Vials, English Jack,
4-LPFFarr, Ellencopy of articles, photohistorySee "Farr, Evarts" folderBurpee, Farr, Edward Hill, Frank Shapleigh, painter
4-LPFFarr, Evartscopy of articleshistorySee "Farr, Ellen" folderlawyer, military officer, congressman
4-LPFFendler, Donncopy of articleshistoryKatahdin, survival
4-LPFFrost, Robertcopy of articleshistory, cultureSee inside folderpoet, spiritual art, Plymouth State College Library, George Browne, Franconia
4-LPFGale, Richardcopy of articleshistory, sports, cultureSee inside folderMajor League Baseball, Kansas City Royals, stats, Boston Red Sox
4-LPFGale, Robertcopy of articlehistoryobituary, physician,
4-LPFGallen, Hughcopy of articleshistoryobituary, governor, regional vocational center,
4-LPFGibson, Orvillecopy of articleshistorymurder, mystery, Newbury Vermont, unsolved,
4-LPFGlessner Familycopy of articles, memoirhistoryFrances Lee, crime scenes, miniatures, Alice Hamlin Glessner, John Jacob Glessner, Rocks Estate,
4-LPFGuider Familycopy of articleshistoryAdair, John Guider, Dorothy Adair Hogan, Olmstead, WMTW, Hogan, obituary, trial of Tojo,
4-LPFHall, Doncopy of articleshistory, culturepoet, Eagle Pond Farm, Danbury, Wilmot, Andover,
4-LPFHamilton, Dickcopy of articleshistorytourism, White Mountains, Ski 93, stereo views, stereopticon view, Kilburn,
4-LPFHarrigan Familycopy of articlehistoryFred Harrigan, John Harrigan, Coos County Democrat, The News and Sentinel, Lancaster, Colebrook, newspapers
4-LPFHeald, Francescopy of articles, photohistory, cultureFran, obituary, Littleton Area Historical Society, volunteerism
4-LPFHenry, J. E.copy of articlehistorylogger, railroad, Lincoln, Pemigewasset, Zealand, Fabyans, environmental issues
4-LPFHill, Edwardpamphlets, illustrated cardculture, artArtist, landscapes, New England, Thomas Hill, Profile House
4-LPFHill, Richard L.summary, copies of articleshistoryAmbassador, legislator, veterinarian, Doc,
4-LPFKenyon, Janearticlehistory, cultureDon Hall, poet, rememberances
4-LPFKing, Stephencopy of articlecultureNovelist, creative writing, occult
4-LPFKumin, Maxinecopy of articleculturePoet, Pulitzer Prize, Warner
4-LPFLlywelyn, Morgancopy of articlecultureNovelist, Celtic History, Kearsarge, Brian Boru,
4-LPFLowe, Thaddeus S. C.Copy of articleculture, historySee inside folderhot air balloon,lecturer, inventor, Jefferson, Riverton
4-LPFMarland, Mikecopy of articleculturepolitical cartoonist, Lyman,
4-LPFMayor, Archercopy of articleculturenovelist, mysteries, Brattleboro, Vermont, Joe Gunther,
4-LPFMcDade, Dr. Harrycopy of articlehistorySurgeon, cold injury, environmentalist
4-LPFMetallakcopies of articlehistory, cultureSee inside folderAbenaki Chief, Cooashaukes, Magalloway, Stewartstown
4-LPFMiller, Bodecopies of articlehistory, cultureski racer, World Cup, Easton, Jo Miller, Woody Miller,
4-LPFNourse, Private Jonas E.copies of articlehistoryPrisoner of War, Littleton, Rayvona Allin
4-LPFPaddleford, Peterpartial copy of articlehistorybridge, truss, Joel's bridge
4-LPFParker, Iracopy of articles, photoshistorySee "Parker Mountain" drawer 1glove maker, Saranac, cucumbers, greenhouses, Parker Mountain,
4-LPFParker Familycopy of articles, list of birth and death dateshistorySee "Parker, Ira" folder drawer 4
4-LPFParker, Trudycopy of articleshistory, cultureauthor, Aunt Sara, Abenakis, Native Americans, Indian,Harvey Summers,basket maker,
4-LPFPike, RobertSee inside folderPike
4-LPFPorter, Eleanorcopy of articles, pamphletshistory, cultureGlad girl, Pollyanna, author, "Glad Game", Hayley Mills,
4-LPFRankin, Melindacopy of articleshistoryteacher, Brownsville, missionary, Waterford, VT,
4-LPFRich, Louise Dickinsoncopy of articleshistory, cultureauthor, "We took to the woods", LDR, Middle Dam,
4-LPFSand, Rev. Josephcopy of articleshistorypriest, murder, Peter Linsley, Jane Linsley, SWAT,
4-LPFShaw Brotherscopies of articleshistory, culturesingers, twins, Tradewinds, Brandywine Singers, Rick, Ron, West Stewartstown, Hillside Singers,
4-LPFShattuck Familytyped documentfamily historyShattuck, Graves,
4-LPFSmart, PamelaCopies of articles, pamphletshistoryWojas, Billy Flynn, Greg Smart, Pame, Murder
4-LPFStark, Johncopies of articleshistoryGeneral, Londonderry, Bunker Hill, Battle of Bennington, Battle of Saratoga,
4-LPFSullivan, Wm (FBI)copies of articleshistorySugar Hill, hunting accident, shooting,
4-LPFTemple, Wescopy of articlehistoryinventor, Twin Mountain, Drive Means, Cog Railway, "two gears on a stick",
4-LPFThaw, Harrycopy of articleshistorymurder, Stanford White, Madison Square Garden, escape, Burleigh Kelsea, extradition,
4-LPFWebster, Danielcopy of articles, publicationshistorySee inside folderPhillips Exeter Academy, author, politician, Dartmouth,
4-LPFWeller, F. G.copy of articleshistorystereography, music convention, artist, obituary,
4-LPFWilder, Christophercopy of articleshistorySee inside folderColebrook, State Police, fugitive, serial killer, FBI dragnet, race car driver, Australian,
4-LPFNH Womencopy of article, pamphlets, multiple listshistory, cultureHannah Dustin, Mary Baker Eddy, Celia L. Thaxter, Sarah Bagley, Harriett P. Dame, Jane A. Pierce, Sarah J. Hale, Laura D. Bridgman, Marian MaDowell, Marilla Ricker, Hilda C. F. Brungot, Amy C. Beach, Elba C. Nelson, Mary Hill Coolidge, Grace Metalious, Elizabeth Flynn, Anna Philbrook, Christa McAuliffe, Lotte Jacobi, women in our history, famous women
4-LPFNH Authorspamphlets, multiple listscultureSee inside folderNH State Library, NH Historical Society