• Meagan Carr, Director
  • Zoe Aaronson
  • Mary Bingman
  • Angela Marchetti
  • Arwen Mitton


  • Judy Dean
  • Kim DeLutis
  • Barbara Enderson
  • Joe Evans
  • Jani Fillion
  • Kevin Hastings
  • Judy JonesGirouard
  • Sara MacIver, Chair
  • Mary Swinyer


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Volunteer Policy


Did you know that the Littleton Public Library is a Carnegie Library?

In 1902, Littleton received a $15,000 grant from the Carnegie Foundation, the equivalent of $367,021 for 2009. Funded by Scottish-American businessman and philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie, 2509 Carnegie libraries were built between 1883 and 1929; 1689 in the United States alone.Designed by Robert Coit in the Classical Revival style, the Littleton Public Library opened in 1906; its interior was renovated in 1960 and the Children’s Room was recently renovated with an endowment from the Corey family.



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